One Room Challenge // Weeks 5 & 6

08 November 2017
We are moving along here with our Bathroom to Bestroom makeover and next week is the big reveal! That means we get to see everyone's fancy shmancy professionally-photographed final spaces and it's like a whole big party among the One Room Challenger-ers. Lots of fun for all involved!

If you're interested in seeing our progress so far, you can see previous posts here:

So last week (well, technically 2 weeks ago because I skipped last week's post which is the reasoning behind this post being titled "Weeks 5 & 6"), our bathroom makeover status was:

-drywall taped, mudded, sanded and painted
-crown molding, floor base installed & painted
-marble hex floors installed
-subway tile shower surround/wall installed
-sink vanity installed
-wall mirror installed
-wall sconce installed

As you can see, plumbing fixtures had yet to be installed and decorative elements were yet to be selected. 

Great news: those outstanding items have since been checked off the list! So now I can say:
-plumbing fixtures installed, CHECK!

Outdoor curtain rod from Restoration Hardware; Towel hook from Pottery Barn
We knew early on that we wanted to do a ceiling-mounted shower curtain rod because the soffit over the shower allowed for it AND the window frame cuts into the shower slightly and a standard suspension rod would likely look funny if it was butted-up against the window frame.

I envisioned a brass window rod, but then I found this outdoor window hardware from Restoration Hardware and the weather-resistant aspect seemed like a perfect fit for a shower. Sold.

My next concerns, of course, were the artwork and rug. Honestly the wall art was the OG saga in this whole ordeal, as you might remember the existential crisis that the Bathroom to Best Room experienced during Week 3 when we ditched our original concept (see: "teeny green bikini beachside lady living her best life") because the aesthetic was beginning to feel all wrong.

Then, in keeping with my dramatically indecisive "woe is me, I can't decide on the fluffy decor" theme, I wasn't finding the right rug during Week 4. I was open to spending a bit extra on a beautiful, unique hand-knotted oriental rug but nothing I found was exactly what I was looking for unless I wanted to spend a LOT extra ... and with messy kids (wonderful humans but messy humans), I couldn't justify it.

After doing a quick online search for a rug in the exact size I was hoping for (2' x 4'), I came across a "antique-look" rug from Safavieh and I was surprised by how much I liked it despite that fact that it's not an authentic antique, it truly is charming nonetheless! It even inspired a new color scheme which leads me to the artwork!

Paint by Number artwork from Etsy

I found this Paint by Number style print on Etsy and the colors work perfectly with the rug and the subtle waterside theme. Frame is from Target and the wood finish is almost identical to the vanity. So, yay!

That's all I'm going to show you for the week because I want to make sure next week's reveal has some surprises. I just need to finish styling the space and it will be photographed this weekend!

Good luck to the rest of the participants, I cannot wait to see what you've all done with your 7 weeks! 


  1. so creative with your shower curtain solution to the window frame problem!! that gives me an idea next time when i run into the same issue. love how it looks vintage and giving the bathroom just the extra charm. yeah to finding the rug and that swan!!! LOVE swan!

  2. looking good! I like the rug and the paint by numbers swans :)

  3. The swan is spectacular! Can't wait to see the final reveal.


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