One Room Challenge // Week 4

25 October 2017
Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge
It's been a busy few weeks and here's a reminder of how far we've come in our Bathroom to Best Room makeover ...


This week brought an exciting installation ... the vanity! This pretty thang has been sitting in storage for weeks waiting for its big reveal.


It's great seeing some "color" in the room. Up until the addition of the wood vanity, the space was sooo white and gray and bare is not exactly my aesthetic. The vanity is the first step towards the fresh yet richly decorated bathroom I was going for. 

Bam! We've got a mirror and a sconce light now too!

At the time that I am writing this, I am heavily obsessing over a rug decision. I've been promising Brian that there will be color in this bathroom and THIS is where we will get the colorful ball rolling.

So I went shopping:

I've been back and forth to a local shop that sells beautiful hand knotted oriental rugs and I brought home these two beauties to try in the space. I LOVE the look of both of them, unfortunately the 2x3 size feels too dinky in the space so I'm still on the hunt for the right rug in the right size. I've decided that the ideal size rug for our bathroom would be as close to 2' x 4.5' as I can find.

And then, behold! A spotlight fell on this lovely silk antique lady and the size was PERFECT for the space! The pattern is a bit more formal than I had envisioned, yet I quickly grew to love this rug. (during its trial run in our bathroom)...

...until I looked at the price tag.*  There was no way I could spend that much on a bathroom rug when we have young kids doing tubby time and potty training and being generally messy with toothpaste, etc. It's beautiful, but totally unrealistic for our lifestyle.

Problem is, this is not a standard size -- not quite considered a "runner" but the dimensions don't fit within the parameters of a typical accent rug. Luckily, antique oriental and Persian rugs tend to come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so I'll just need to keep and eye out and hunt on.

*Pro Tip: check the price tag PRIOR to bringing a piece into your space and falling in love with it!


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  1. I cannot wait to see the rug you choose. You have such a great eye. (I love the first one!)

  2. loving your bathroom, especially that detail at the foot of the tub and that vanity is beautiful! good luck with the rug hunt ... so difficult to find the perfect size and color, but you can do it!


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