One Room Challenge // Week 3

18 October 2017
It's Thursday again so you know what that means -- time for One Room Challenge updates!

We are barreling into this week with LOTS of big updates to share. However, with these updates come some major changes to the design plan. Honestly, the only way I can think of to explain it is that my initial design for "Bathroom to Best Room" is having a major existential crisis. 

Huh?! You ask.
Let me explain. I say.

Here's the deal. 
Brian has been working very hard to get the tile installed (floor last week and wall subway tile this week), and now that I see these major design elements coming together, I fear that the artwork I had originally selected for the bathroom is all wrong.

Now, art might be an afterthought to some but to me art is such an integral part a room's design. It's the soul of the space. And as we know, I absolutely love the Beachside Lady painting and I wanted to showcase it in our "Bathroom to Best Room" as a way to bring in bold colors to an otherwise white and neutral space.

However, now that the wall tile is up, I just have this gut feeling that the Beachside Lady, with its dramatic black frame and stylized lines, is too harsh and that I need to soften the "institutional" feel of the subway tile pattern with more feminine artwork and finishes. Does that make sense?

So, I'm swapping one beachside lady for another. 

The watercolor painting has softer colors and the feminine frame compliments the natural wood vanity.

Below, I've simply cropped out the artwork above the toilet in my concept illustration and I already feel like the room makes more sense and blends with the rest of my house, which at the end of the day is most important to me: to create a beautiful bathroom that fits into the style of our home. This is just the nature of the beast with interior design- sometimes design concepts change as your vision becomes real life and you just gotta role with the punches!

Commence the domino effect: these changes will affect my choices for the area rug and linens. Yikes. Is anyone else experiencing an ORC Existential Crisis during Week 3? If so, please comment below. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this totally non-existent problem!

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  1. Love your illustration and that idea of the 1/2 wall in the tub area for shampoo etc is so clever!! can't wait to see it all done in 3 weeks!

    1. Thank you Tim! I'm catching up on everyone's progress tonight. You're space(s) are AMAZING!

  2. You are totally not alone! My crisis is over tile trim...which was supposed to be installed tomorrow. Ugh. I'm giving myself one more sleep to think about it and then I just have to pick! Also, your drawing is so pretty! Did you do that by hand?

    1. Ohh I totally hear you! It's stressful. I can't wait to follow along! And yes, I drew that by hand -- I love sketching out designs early to see how the conceptual sketches compare to the final results :)

  3. Oh yes. I've been to the fabric store twice since the initial swatch gathering trip to "visit" a fabric :0 so I can decide. I even took Mollie back with me the third time. It isn't that difficult except that I've had a major shift as well. Love your drawing so much. And wow- what a gem in the tie install department. Looks great!

    1. Thank you so much! And I hear you! Maybe it's something about the moon this month causing trouble with making definitive decisions?! :)


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