Wisteria + Dwell with Dignity Contest

14 June 2017

Wisteria + Dwell with Dignity are challenging designers to create conceptual dream rooms using only inventory from the Wisteria collection. I'm back with my second entry for the #wisteriamood contest using only products and images from wisteria.com.

To set the scene: imagine waking up and sipping your morning coffee in this Breezy Breakfast Nook while enjoying ocean views in Newport or Nantucket or Southampton (it's your fantasy after all; you choose the location!)


Wisteria has long been a favorite of mine for product sourcing. Their global-inspired products add a unique touch to any space. And after following Dwell with Dignity for awhile now, I am so inspired by a company that is devoted to using design for the greater good by providing interior design as a new start to families who are overcoming homelessness and poverty. 

Winners of the contest have the chance to collaborate with Wisteria on a product where part of the proceeds will go towards Dwell with Dignity.

Thanks for the opportunity, Wisteria + DWD! 
(Love always, Your Biggest Fan)

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