Dreaming Up a Dream Room

03 June 2016
Do  you ever spend a bit too much time, against your better judgement, daydreaming about things you would do with an endless budget? 

For one thing, I daydream about traveling the world. Duh.

Another thing I find myself dreaming about is the ways in which I would decorate and redecorate rooms in my home. 

First up: my little girl's room. 

Perhaps I'm delusional, spending my precious time putting together a make-believe design for a space that does not yet require updating, but wouldn't this room be just dreamy? Playful, young, and yet something my daughter can grow into. 
#itsnothappening ... but ...

Close your eyes and just imagine:

Lovely floral wallpaper behind a piece of contemporary artwork. Add two playful brushstroke lamps to flank the rattan daybed and a garden stool for good measure, and voila! A sweet little girl's room!
Pendant Lamp / Wallpaper / Art / Daybed / Carpet / Table Lamp / Bedside Table / Garden Stool

A girl can dream, right? What room would you redesign with an endless budget?


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