Friday Favorites: Bird Inspired Decor

20 May 2016
TGIF, friends! So happy that another beautiful spring weekend is upon us. 

Today's post is inspired by the vintage swan side table that sits in my living room. I LOVE this table. It's an amazing antique store find and it is just weird enough to make it a perfect design element to create the layered, collected look that I aim to achieve in my designs.

 Oh yes, that's a lucite base that you see there. Isn't it fun?

You know that design piece that you just keep coming back to? As in, every time that you are sourcing products for a design your mind automatically tries to incorporate that particular item?

For me, it's the Pavo Side Table from Anthropologie. I love the sculptural quality and the fact that it's definitely a conversation piece! By just incorporating this eclectic piece into a space, it adds so much interest and depth. One of these days I will find the perfect spot for it in a client's home (or my own!)

Clockwise from top:

Now, if you know me personally, you are aware that I have a fear of ostriches. 
What, you don't?
Giant birds are scary, bottom line.

However, well-designed furniture and accessories inspired by these humongous feathered friends are acceptable in my book.

Plus, Arne Jacobsen's iconic Swan Chair is always the right idea.

What's your go-to piece that you're always hoping to incorporate in a design?


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