One Room Challenge // Week 1

07 April 2016
Happy Spring, friends!
...she says ironically, as 6 inches of snow cover her home because of an April blizzard. 

In warmer news, I'm excited to say that I am joining the spring round of the One Room Challenge as a guest participant! Have you heard of this adventure? It's the tenth season of the room makeover event, which was started by Linda of Calling It Home and this year is partnering with the iconic House Beautiful Magazine (!!!!). Over the next six weeks, I'll be redesigning our first floor powder room from "not" to "HOT."

Our powder room is in desperate need of a facelift. I mean, in the grand scheme of bathrooms, it's fine. It's beige. It's not offensive. It's just ... blah.

Let me invite you into the
World's Okayest Powder Room

There are plenty of aspects of this bathroom that I don't understand and decorating decisions that I just can't stand behind. (Again, First World Problems, but I'm a designer and I'm participating in a room-makeover challenge, so I'm supposed to sound a bit whiney about the "before," aren't I?)

The powder room is tiny, but that's not the problem. It's very literally a "half bath" and the size serves its purpose. However, the existing space is filled with oversized storage cabinets that are disproportional to the compact space. The bulky cabinet above the toilet and the large medicine cabinet over the sink just gotta go. Bye, Felicia. The room will feel much more spacious without these cabinets.

Luckily, the previous owner put in a tasteful sink with classic hardware. I can work with this.

So, yes, the sink and its traditional hardware are staying; however, the very contemporary bathroom accessories that, quite frankly, clash with the bones of the room, are not. Also, please meet the mascot for World's Okayest Powder Room,
The Wind Man

First, why?
Second, why is it mounted in that arbitrary, off-centered location?
Third, WHAT adhesive did the previous owner use to glue Wind Man to his spot?

So, farewell, dear mascot. You served your purpose. (I think?)

Lastly, lets replace the the boring ol' lamp/fan with something more decorative, put up wallpaper, change paint colors, and replace the contemporary accessories.

Sound fun? I think so, too. Now I just need to convince the hubby of all the fun we will have together on this project. Let's do it!

Here's a little sneak peek of elements you will see in the final design (fingers crossed it goes as planned!)

Check back next week to see progress, and follow me on Instagram @leeowensdesign for anything in between!


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