the chairish style challenge

29 January 2015
when i was selected by chairish to participate in their style challenge, i thought it would be a fun excuse to browse their collection of vintage furniture and accent pieces. better yet, i was hoping chairish's online marketplace would fulfill my inner "shopping fix", since it's hard to get out of the house with two little ones these days.

well -- fix fulfilled, and i can honestly say i came across about two hundred vintage pieces that i would GLADLY find spots for in our home! 
an eclectic home office for a well-traveled + effortlessly stylish woman


so here's how the chairish style challenge works: holly from chairish provided me with images of several pieces from their current collection, and from there i selected one item to act as inspiration for a vision board of a room based around the selected item. (think: e-design for a fictional character) 

i chose this vintage brass + bronze globe. i personally really enjoy working with accessories; i love to style a bookcase or a coffee table, especially when i can get my hands on the right pieces for each space. i was drawn to this particular accessory because of it's simple color palette combined with the fact that it evokes travel; which, in turn, quickly became inspiration for my imaginary client's home office.

my "client" has collected pieces from her many travels abroad, including those amazing art deco french animal prints (my favorite). both her interior design style and fashion sense seem effortless, as she can casually don a vintage chanel scarf, bold green earrings with her vintage hugo boss sunglasses. (yes, chairish sells sunglasses too -- if you know me at all, you know i have a "thang" for my sunnies!) 

everything you see in this vision board was pulled from the current collection on the chairish site, and i have to admit that i had to hold myself back from adding more pieces to this fictional design. it was just too much fun! 


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