timeline tuesday! the story of erin + derek

09 December 2014
i'm declaring today "timeline tuesday", so let's start with the love story of erin + derek.

erin approached me about creating a save the date timeline depicting the fateful events that brought her and derek together. on projects like this one, i request that my clients fill out an information form for me to refer to, as well as send any photos, important dates, and web links to relevant locations. erin did just that, and she named the file "the story of derek and erin", which ended up inspiring the banner title on their design. 

"the story of erin & derek's happily ever after" walks their guests through their 1998 meeting as pool lifeguards all the way to derek's candlelit proposal in the couple's backyard in 2014. 

their april 2015 wedding is sure to be filled with love!


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