install details: latham residence

01 July 2013
here is an interior design project that is still a work in progress, but i thought i'd snap some detail shots of the areas that are coming together. 

the foyer / entry staircase was one of the first projects that we completed in the house. throughout the process, i have been inspired by my client's chic, classic style.

we took chances in the office with bright accents and a bold rug.

we freshened up the kitchen's look through new brass knobs and pulls, and a warm stone backsplash.

below are some photos of the playroom which is still in its beginning stages. however, i just had to show off the dutch door that we installed! 

conveniently, the playroom is off of the kitchen so my client's 11-month old daughter can play safely in her little room. the dutch door allows for the space to be contained and yet mom has a clear view from the kitchen. by simply sawing the existing solid-core wood door in half, adding a cap to the top of the lower part, and adding a bit of hardware to the top part, we essentially created a custom gate!

chalkboard wall paint and a colorful kaleidoscope-patterned rug are starting to help make the playroom come to life.

i'll be sure to show more pictures of this home soon!


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