17 April 2013
hi there! 
i'm back after a pretty emotional week. between losing a close family member to cancer, followed by the news of the boston marathon bombings, i found it hard (and somewhat insensitive) to post one of my silly "doodles" onto my blog. it just didn't feel right.

today's entry is devoted to my cousin rachel who was a self-proclaimed "francophile". i have created a "j'dore paris" illustration in her honor. as i mentioned a few weeks ago, i am going to sell this limited-edition print and have every penny go to benefit cancer research.

for a better view of the design, see my previous post here.

by donating, you will receive a pack of 8 folded notecards and coordinating white envelopes. all i ask is for a minimum donation of $25 in the form of a check written directly to the American Cancer Society. i will simply be collecting the donations; if you feel the desire to donate more than $25, by all means, it would be wonderful! keep in mind that your entire donation will go directly to the ACS. once i have collected all of the donations, i will send them to the American Cancer Society with the request that the donation be in rachel's name.

since this is a limited edition piece of artwork, i will be taking orders on a "first come, first serve" basis. i have printed a limited quantity, and once they are gone, they are gone. 

if you are interested in donating to the American Cancer Society in exchange for a pack of 8 notecards, please send me an email here.

thank you in advance for your support of rachel and for helping with the effort to find a cure for this really rotten, crummy disease! 


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