babyproofing in style

13 March 2013
everyone has been warning me ... "once your baby starts crawling, it's ALL OVER!" 
well, i'm learning first hand how not baby-proofed our home is. so, i'm quickly scrambling to get this house in order; safe for my little guy, while still aesthetically pleasing for mommy.

first thing's first: the open bookcase that separates our living room from my office area. until now, i've styled it with special knick-knacks, ranging from wedding china to candles to coffee table books. essentially, it had been decorated with items that should say "danger, danger!"

now, the lower two levels are devoted to adrian and some of this favorite things. softer books, plush toys, and silly games. 

most importantly ... adrian seems to love his new play zone!                    

yikes ... looks like i have a mess to clean up ...


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