becoming acquainted with throwback thursday

07 February 2013
i'm a little late in the game to begin embracing throwback thursdays ... to be honest, i had to google the meaning of "#tbt" a couple weeks ago, and still, i came up with the answer "Tampa Bay Times" which i was pretty confident was not what my instagram friends were plastering all over their profiles each thursday. (to be honest-er, it was only a few months ago that i had to google the meaning of the hash tag in regards to twitter/instagram -- isn't that a pound sign? so i realize i'm a bit behind on the times).

today, i'm catching up with the world. #tbt, it's great to meet you. 

since i've been doodling for my whole life, there have been occasions where my "work" has shown up in "publications" (i use the words "work" and "publications" lightly, as the the below image is from a silly middle school luncheon program ... but, still.)

1997 Overbrook Luncheon Program Cover
this drawing is clearly a very serious commentary on the progression of the 6th grade child in a modest length skirt and buttoned up collar, into a knobby-kneed and very awkward 7th grader, finally becoming a sloppy, gum-chewing, *walkman*-listening rebel of an 8th grader. brilliant.

let's hope i can dig up some more awkwardness for next week.


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